September 2022


  • Fundraisers!


  • Important dates:
    • Sept 16 – 23rd: Bisexual Awareness Week
  • Sept 23rd: Bisexuality Day
    • This day has been marked each year since 1999 to celebrate the bisexual community and to highlight biphobia. This day is intended to celebrating and respecting the bisexual community as well as recognizing the ongoing challenges and biphobia the community faces.
  • Sept 27-Oct 1st: Truth and Reconciliation Week
    • A 5-day national event that will continue the conversations from Every Child Matters. Important conversations including the truths of the Indigenous treaties, First Nation, Métis and Inuit land claims, and the residential schools system. 
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Rainbow Resource Centre Workshop info:

  • Staff Workshops – PD learning for the staff, so that they can become more confident in creating safe(r) more inclusive space for all 2SLGBTQ+ folks. We highly suggest all the staff participate in at least the entry-level learning workshop. Having all staff on board and able to start including 2SLGBTQ+ support in their work and also provide them the necessary education to intervene on inappropriate conversations, will be the first steps in creating those safe(r) more inclusive environments.
    • Topics the workshop covers:
      • Who is the Rainbow Resource Centre? The programs and services that can help staff, clients, families, etc.
      • Identity Unicorn: Sex assigned at birth, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Attraction and Cultural identities
      • Barriers, challenges and discrimination2SLGBTQ+ community might face
      • How to create safe(r) more inclusive spaces for ALL. Tips and suggestions for more inclusive language, conversations, physical environments, policies, etc.
    • Website info: Educators and Schools – Rainbow Resource Centre 
    • GSA’s (Gender and Sexuality Alliance’s) – help schools get GSA’s started or visiting with ones already started. GSA’s help shows not only the 2SLGBTQ+ students that you support them, but ALL students see the value your school places on diversity and inclusion.
      • Host a meeting with the staff advisors and the GSA students to talk about what a GSA is, what you can do with them, how meetings can run, how to get things started, etc.
      • Share info about Rainbow Resource Centre and the programs and services offered
      • Q&A sessions
      • Website info: Educators and Schools – Rainbow Resource Centre
  • “GSA — How to Start, Maintain, & Sustain”



  • Pre-recorded video & workbook: (This is for school educators to use with students)
    • 1 hour video recording educators will play for students directly to help provide valuable information and get the conversation started. The learning can then be continued with Lesson Plans to further the inclusivity in classrooms and the school
    • Topics:
      • Definitions of Sex assigned at birth, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Attraction and Cultural identities
      • Barriers, challenges and discrimination that 2SLGBTQ+ students might face
      • Inclusive Language & How to be good allies
    • 10 informative videos shared throughout the presentation, all youth geared
    • Workbook: pause the video and do the activities together or assign it to the youth to do themselves during or after the video
    • A separate Identity Unicorn handout provided, that students can fill out for themselves, once the video and workbook is completed

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