Pembina Valley Pride is committed to providing resources and education in our community. Check here in the coming months to find more information about common topics relating to the 2SLGBTQIANB+ community!

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Coming Out

Coming Out On This Page The “Coming Out” Process Someday, we’ll all be able to love who we love, bring them home to meet our family, and nobody will think twice. We’ll all be able to live as our true gender, and nobody will bat an eye. Until that time, being part of the Rainbow

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The Acronym

THE ACRONYM What does 2SLGBTQIANB+ mean? Each person’s identity within the Rainbow community is unique and personal. Therefore, each person is free to describe themselves as they wish, and to adjust their description as they learn to know themselves. The acronym 2SLGBTQIANB+ is an attempt to define some of the experiences of the Rainbow community,

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For Family & Friends

for family & Friends How can I best be supportive? If you have a family member or friend who is part of the Rainbow community, your support can make a world of difference in their life! You may wonder how to best go about supporting them. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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